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Using the supplied LED kit you are to design a Luminaire that will create a pleasant ambient light. Consider how you will control glare and other factors such as maintenance, safety, installation and product aesthetics for the domestic light. The residential lighting brief requires you to design only floor standing or table lights.




The idea behind LUNAE is to try bring a bit of intrigue, wonder and fun back into the home through the magic of levitation. Using a clear acrylic arm LUNEA is able recreate the illusion of a sphere (or perhaps a star) levitating in mid air. 

This illusion makes LUNAE a great conversation starter, while the clean and elegant design makes for a great addition to any modern space.




A steel strip and magnet are embedded in the main body, which allows the sphere to be moved vertically up and down 45mm.


The spheres are magnetically attached to the arm allowing the user to switch spheres for the desired lighting effect

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The sphere can be rotated 360 degrees due to the free moving magnet on the inside of the sphere.

Feature 4 - web.png

The body is a solid block of aluminium which acts as the heat sink, but as the body is so big it will feel only slightly warm when touched.


LUNAE was specifically designed to be customisable so users could get a luminaire that fit their style.



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